How Important is Core Strength for Motocross Racing?

Core Muscle Groups

The ‘core’ is the most important muscle group when it comes to riding. Most racers know that body position is key. With a strong core, your body position improves and subsequently cornering, jumping and most other aspects of riding.

During a moto, muscle fatigue wears down your body position and soon you find yourself gripping too tight with your arms and not gripping enough with your legs — both which strain your lower back.

Our lower back is generally unstable and looks to the surrounding muscles to provide support. It’s for this reason that we need to effectively target our core muscles at the gym.

A racer’s goal should be to increase their core endurance, allowing it to withstand fatigue through a long moto. The strength of our core muscles is important as well, however the combination of strength and endurance is the key to success. A strong core allows you to hold your posture and core endurance allows you to maintain it for the entire race.

Training your core muscles is often forgotten or ignored by riders exercising at the gym. Check out the thinkMX strength training program where all exercises have been designed to engage the core muscles by simulating the complex, dynamic movements we undergo on the track.

With a strong core your posture and balance will improve, and most importantly your riding.

Need a motocross training program that includes both strength and aerobic conditioning?
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