What is thinkMX ?

thinkMX is a motocross fitness/training program designed to help you get in shape for racing. The program is split into 4 parts which coincide with your racing throughout 1 year.

Here’s a breakdown of the thinkMX fitness program:

  • Getting Started – A program to develop your overall body strength needed for the more specific training programs below.
  • Off-Season – Dedicated to doing what we call ‘conditioning lifting’ where you’ll be strengthening the musculoskeletal structure which helps decrease the chance of in-season injuries.
  • Pre-Season – Shifts emphasis to speed training, interval weight training and interval cardiovascular training. The most intense of all 4 phases.
  • On-Season – A maintenance workout that will help you maintain your fitness level throughout the season with the assumption that most of your conditioning will come from riding throughout the week.

We’re giving away the Getting Started program for free! And right now we’re offering you all 4 training programs for just $59.99!! That’s cheaper than a 1 hour session with a personal trainer!

When you sign up for thinkMX you’ll get:

  • Strength training exercises to develop general full body strength – helping you avoid/recover quickly from injury
  • Cardio routines to build a good aerobic base – allowing you to recover faster between motos
  • Instructional videos to ensure you have proper technique – enabling you get maximum effectiveness from time at the gym

This workout routine will get you to the finish line feeling strong and having fun! You’ll have more control over your bike, the confidence to hit the
fastest lines on the track and the strength and conditioning to race hard for your entire moto.

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