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Practicing on a rough track

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Most of us all love to ride a perfectly groomed track… BUT quite often we’re faced with one that is dry, dusty and rutted. Practicing on a rough track will help prepare you for the rutted up track on race day and will benefit you more than you probably know. Here are a few key things to remember and look for when you’re running motos on a roughed up track:

  • Search out the smoothest lines. If you can avoid the narly ruts and bumps, you can save your energy and keep some extra fuel in the tank for later in the moto
  • Keep the flow. Push hard but be smooth and be fast while searching for those smoothest lines.
  • Corner with momentum. Dry, dusty corners aren’t the type of corners you can rail at speed. The key here is to keep your momentum and roll the throttle on gently to maintain traction.
  • Grip tight with those legs. If the track is filled with hard ruts and acceleration and breaking bumps then you’re bike will probably want to buck you around a bit. Grip tight with the legs and suck up any bumps your suspension can’t fully handle.