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Transitioning from off-season to pre-season training

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

As the competitive season approaches, your workouts in the weight room should change. Your exercises and tempos should more closely approximate the challenges you’ll face on the track.

Compared to the off-season workout routine, your pre-season workout should change in these areas:

  • Exercises – Your pre-season workout should introduce plyometrics (jump training). This type of training will build power, endurance, performance and help mimic movements you will experience on the track.
  • Focus – You will be spending a little less time in the gym overall. Pre-season training will take the strength you built in your off-season and convert it into power and endurance. Reps should generally decrease due to the intensity and demands of the new plyometric exercises which place a higher demand on your lower body.
  • Intensity - Althouth the overall time in the gym will be be less, the volume of exercises and intensity should increase. Pre-season exercises demand a lot more from your muscles and your cardiovascular system. You’ll notice your heart rate will be much higher during your workout.

Remember to push yourself hard in the gym. The goal is to push yourself to a level even higher than what you would experience on the track so your body can handle multiple motos during a day and can handle anything your bike/track can throw at you when your on the track.

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Keep your training interesting

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

TRX Suspension Training: Get Beach Body Ready

You’ve probably felt bored with your workout routine at one time or another. Being bored can cause you to lose motivation and focus. Here are a few easy tips/tricks you can use to help you keep your training interesting:

  • Set a challenge for yourself: Once or twice a week you should challenge yourself with ‘how many pullups can I do before failure’ or the TRX 40/40 challenge or something similar. Compare your performance from the week before and note down your results. It’s motivating to see yourself improving.
  • Use the great out doors: Go for a hike, or a run on a local trail/path, go mtn. biking or for a ride on your road bike, go for a swim, chop some firewood… the sky is the limit really. The point is, mix it up and use some of the natural resources we have around us. Get out and breath some fresh air!
  • Train with a friend: Call up a buddy and do some sort of activity that involves exercise (like any of the above out door activities). Having someone else there makes it fun but can also push you harder and help you hit that next level.
  • Incorporate Periodization: The term ‘periodization’ refers to the breaking up of a training program in to a number of cycles or periods throughout the year. Not only have studies showed that utilizing periodization results in greater gains but it’s also a great way to enjoy a variety of exercises all at different intensities.